Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Past event (2014)

Pre-Concert Dinner

Wednesday, July 30 | 5:30pm

Every Yellow Barn participant receives a full scholarship—an essential fact that makes the spirit of Yellow Barn live on. During the summer, Yellow Barn audiences join together to ensure the future of the scholarship program and celebrate an individual who shares Yellow Barn's philosophy. In 2014, Yellow Barn honors garden designer Gordon Hayward with a special dinner and concert, the proceeds of which will underwrite a participant scholarship in his name.

Scholarship Benefit Concert

Wednesday, July 30 | 8:00pm
Liang and J.S. Bach

Lei Liang (b.1972) Garden Eight (1996/2004)

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) A Musical Offering, BWV1079 (1747)
Brook Ferguson, flute; Wai Lau and Alan Kay, clarinets;
Yoon Jung Yang, Zenas Hsu, Brigid Coleridge,
Suliman Tekalli, Ari Isaacman-Beck,
and Violaine Melançon, violins; Maria Lambros,
DJ Cheek, Jinsun Hong, and Born Lau, violas; 
Gwen Krosnick, Frédéric Rosselet,
Jonathan Dormand, and Ana Kim, cellos;
Elizabeth Burns, double bass; Lee Dionne, Emely Phelps,
and Kenneth Cooper, harpsichords;
Eduardo Leandro and Jisu Jung, marimbas