Artist Residencies

In 2008, Yellow Barn instituted its Artist Residencies, the first retreat program in the United States created specifically for professional, performing musicians. The purpose of the Artist Residencies is to further the art of the performance of classical music by providing an environment conducive to undistracted study, an exchange of ideas and opportunities for performance. Their content is defined by artists’ proposals and Yellow Barn’s artistic vision.

Yellow Barn Artist Residencies are open to professional musicians of any age and at any stage of their career, and support a range of activities within the following guidelines.

  • Residencies may focus on the exploration and preparation of repertoire from any musical period.

  • Collaborative projects may bring performers, composers, and other artists together.

  • Though it is not a requirement, all residencies will have public performance opportunities.

  • Musicians may choose to work independently or with mentoring artists and scholars during their residency.

Past Artist Residency projects

Artist Residency musicians and ensembles

History of Artist Residencies at Yellow Barn

Those interested in applying for an Artist Residency might also consider applying as an ensemble for Yellow Barn's five-week summer program. More information


The Yellow Barn Artist Residencies take place in Putney, a historic village in southeastern Vermont. Musicians have 24-hour access to rehearsal and practice studios, which are located on Yellow Barn’s campus at the Greenwood School, just above the village.

  • Yellow Barn will provide housing within the local community, and a stipend for meals.

  • Additional funding to assist with travel expenses might be available.


Yellow Barn will accept applications from ensembles and individual musicians interested in pursuing either independent or collaborative projects. Yellow Barn’s Artistic Director will consult with selected musicians to determine the length and shape of the residency. While most residencies take place over the course of one week, there is flexibility in the length of residencies and the way in which residency visits are structured. 

Applications for the 2024-2025 Season


$75 for individuals and $125 for ensembles (non-refundable and due with application).

Applications for Yellow Barn Residencies are accepted on an ongoing basis.  The next deadline is May 15, 2024 for residencies taking place between September 2024 and May 2025. 

For more information, please contact:

Melody Lin, Admissions Coordinator
(802) 387-3108