Monday, June 17, 2019

Past event (2019)

Young Artists Program Concert

Monday, June 17 | 8:00pm
Premiere performances of works by Young Artists Program composers Elisa Arancio, Ben Champion, Theo Haber, Hannah Ishizaki, Michelle Li, and Matthew Pinder

Matthew Pinder (b.1998) Piano Quintet “ethereal vision” (2019)
Haichun Wang, piano; Yu-Wen Lu, Jisoo Kim, violins; Graham Cohen, viola; Hsi-yuan (Elisabeth) Chang, cello

Elise Arancio (b.2000) …of her agony (2019)
Lucas Amory, piano; Dawn Kim, violin; Haneul Park, viola; Lydia Rhea, cello

Theodore Haber (b.1999) For the sake of Forgetting (2019)
Gabriel Crist, piano; Kun Yan, violin; Shengyu Meng, cello; Colin Crandal, percussion

Hannah Ishizaki (b.2000) Duo (2019)
Grant Houston, violin; Ian Maloney, cello

Michelle Li (b.2000) Thoughts and Murmurs (2019)
Da Young (Rachel) Lim, Cheng Io Lo, violins; Julian Snaige-Seney, viola;  Jonah Kernis, cello; Mingyu Son, percussion

Benjamin Champion (b.2000) Compenso (2019)
Anoush Pogossian, clarinet; Claire Thaler, Phoebe Liu, violins; Lindan Burns, viola; Yi-Mei Templeman, cello; Jessie Chiang, percussion

Program Notes

Young Artists Program Concerts

Young Artists Program concerts explore repertoire ranging from the Classical period to the 21st Century, with premiere performances of new works composed during the program by participant composers in collaboration with their performer colleagues.