Saturday, August 6, 2016

Past event (2016)

Matinee Concert

Saturday, August 6 | 12:30pm
Frescobaldi, Gervasoni, Pintscher, and Schubert

Matthias Pintscher (b.1971) A Twilight’s Song (1997)
Roger Tapping, viola; Javier Iglesias Martin, cello; Lucy Shelton, soprano; Jessica Petrasek, flute; Ran Kampel, clarinet; Marion Ravot, harp; Christina Dahl, piano; Eduardo Leandro, percussion

Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643) Canzonas (1628)
Jesse Morrison, Meredith Kufchak, violas; Michael Kannen, Edvard Pogossian, cellos; Emely Phelps, harpsichord

Stefano Gervasoni (b.1962) Six lettres à l'obscurité (und zwei Nachrichten) (2005-06)
Quartet I
Kathrin Wipfler, Emily Kruspe, violins; Leonid Plashinov-Johnson, viola; Natasha Brofsky, cello

Quartet II
Max Tan, Jennifer Liu, violins; Meredith Kufchak, viola; Edvard Pogossian, cello

Quartet III
Eva Aronian, Magdalena Filipczak, violins; DJ Cheek, viola; Victor Garcia Garcia, cello


Franz Schubert (1797-1828) String Quartet in A Minor, D.804 “Rosamunde” (1824)
Harriet Langley, Kathrin Wipfler, violins; Dian Zhang, viola; Juliette Herlin, cello

Stefano Gervasoni (b.1962) Luce ignota della sera (2015) da Robert Schumann, Zwölf Vierhändige Klavierstücke für kleine und große Kinder, Op.85 No.12
Seth Knopp, piano

Pre-Concert Discussion

Saturday, August 6 | 7:00pm

Luciano Berio’s Circles was first performed at Tanglewood on August 1, 1960. Berio wrote at its premiere, “Music is never pure: it is attitude: it is theatre. It is indivisible from its gestures. The task is to entrust the sense of the musical action to the specific abilities of the protagonists, to give them the possibility of defining for themselves the conditions through which eventuality is transformed into reality, before the eyes of the listener, in the hearing of the viewer. In Circles the possibilities are enlarged by the presence of the words, Nos. 25, 76 and 221 from Collected Poems by e. e. cummings: “stinging gold swarms...”, “riverly is a flower...”, “n(o)w the how dis(appeared cleverly)world…”.

Soprano Lucy Shelton, percussionist Eduardo Leandro, and Yellow Barn’s composer-in-residence Stefano Gervasoni discuss Circles, in addition to works by the composer, which have been explored during Yellow Barn’s final week of summer performances. 

Season Finale Concert

Saturday, August 6 | 8:00pm
Chin, Gervasoni, Brahms, Berio, and Mendelssohn

Unsuk Chin (b.1961) Allegro ma non troppo for solo percussion and tape (1994, rev. 1998)
Sam Um, percussion

Stefano Gervasoni (b.1962) Sonatinexpressive (2011-12)
Zenas Hsu, violin; Christina Dahl, piano

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Variations on a Theme by Haydn, Op.56b (1873)
Joseph Liccardo, Abigail Sin, pianos


Luciano Berio (1925-2003) Circles (1960)
Lucy Shelton, soprano; Eduardo Leandro, Sam Um, percussion; Marion Ravot, harp

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) Sonata in D Major, Op.58 for cello and piano (1843)
Victor Garcia Garcia, cello; Daniel Anastasio, piano

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) Andante, from Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy's Clarinet Sonata, arr. for solo clarinet, string orchestra, harp, and celesta (1824/2016)
Alan Kay, clarinet; Anthony Marwood, Eva Aronian, Magdalena Filipczak, Zenas Hsu, YuEun Kim, Aya Kiyonaga, Emily Kruspe, Jennifer Liu, Kayla Moffett, Adelya Nartadjieva, Max Tan, Jueyoung Yang, violins; Jesse Morrison, Tegen Davidge, Leonid Plashinov-Johnson, Meredith Kufchak, violas; Jonathan Dormand, Julia Yang, Javier Iglesias Martin, Victor Garcia Garcia, cellos; Lizzie Burns, Sam Suggs, double basses; Marion Ravot, harp; Daniel Anastasio, celesta