Kathrin Wipfler

Kathrin Wipfler, violin (Hannover, Germany), made her solo debut with the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra for the “Young Talents Live“ series. Kathrin studied at the University of Stuttgart for Music under Emily Körner and Peter Buck. She then studied at the University of Hannover for Music, Theatre and Media under Elisabeth Kufferath and Oliver Wille. Kathrin was awarded an internship with the Hannover Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and since then has been playing as a substitute violinist. She has also been a regular peformer with the Schossfestspiele Orchestra and has performed several times as soloist with the Marbach Symphonic Orchestra. She has participated in masterclasses with Nora Chastain, Donald Weilerstein, Maurizio Fuks, Mi-kyung Lee, Heime Müller, Elisabeth Kufferath, and András Keller. Kathrin has a violin from Bernardus Calcanius, Genua 1730, on loan to her by the String Instrument Foundation of Baden-Württemberg since February 2013.