Lassus Quartett

Artist Residency: November 2-12, 2019

Composer Morton Feldman writes,“Art is a crucial, dangerous operation we perform on ourselves. Unless we take a chance, we die in art.” That there is no in-between for the artist who wants to be “alive in art,” finds a contrapuntal lament in this reflection of Feldman’s, spoken in phrases punctuated by long pauses: "There’s an aspect of my attitude about being a composer that is like mourning. Say, for example, the death of art . . . something that has to do with, say, Schubert leaving me.” Morton Feldman’s String Quartet No.2, a work lasting six hours, and Schubert’s G Major string quartet will be the focus of the Lassus Quartet while at Yellow Barn. More

Residency Concert

Tuesday, November 12 | 4:00pm
Michael S. Currier Center, The Putney School

Upcoming Artist Residencies

November 2019
Three Enigmas: Kern
Marcus Baltar, composer; Jay Campbell, cello; Conor Hanick, piano

February 2020
The Music Alliance Project
Chase Morrin, piano; Cordelia Tapping, voice; Rosie Gallagher, flute; John Myerscough, cello

Duo-ING: Refractions
Ying Xue, violin; Qing Jiang, piano/harpsichord

March & May 2020
Ultrafizz: Since 1500
Lucy Dhegrae, mezzo-soprano; Nathaniel LaNasa, piano

April 2020
River Spirits: An abstract fable for three sopranos and ensemble
Susan Botti, soprano/composer; Mary Bonhag, soprano; Lucy Shelton, soprano

May 2020
Lydian String Quartet: "Versuch uber die Fuge"
with Tony Arnold, soprano