The Yellow Barn Resiliency Fund for Music and Musicians

The day will come when Yellow Barn returns to explore 90 works over 19 concerts;
When we need 15 pianos, 2 harpsichords, a harmonium, and at least 80 percussion instruments, including steel pipes, spring coils, and squeaky toys;
When we are collecting over 500 scores and parts at the end of the summer;
When we are all eating more ice cream and blueberries than we care to admit;
When the Big Barn is once again filled to the rafters, with 66 musicians in the loft, and 123 seats are back on the floor, and together we are listening.
Until then, Yellow Barn will continue to call on its unique creative resources, its flexibility, and its financial wherewithal, to be both responsible and responsive in the face of unprecedented challenges.
Our Summer Artist Residencies, Concert Streams, Music Haul Relief Tour, and Beethoven Walks... In five short months we have been able to offer all of these programs 100% free of charge by reallocating existing funds, and with a special CARES Act grant awarded to us by the National Endowment for the Arts.
However, to continue responding to present day realities, we need everyone with us. Today we are creating the Yellow Barn Resiliency Fund for Music and Musicians. $25,000 in matching funds are already on the table, and gifts between $250 and $500 will be matched dollar for dollar by those who have already come forward.

We are grateful for every gift, but it is essential that we meet this challenge. We have so much more work to do. Music is essential, musicians are indispensable, and Yellow Barn has never been more necessary.

—Catherine Stephan, Executive Director
(excerpted from "Fun Facts About Yellow Barn 2020")


Send us an email for more information or assistance,
or call (802) 387-6637.