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A New Yellow Barn Position

Yellow Barn creates new Managing Director position; Appoints Maria Basescu

Jörg Widmann at the Nasher

The Dallas Morning News reviews an evening of song cycles by Schumann and Widmann

"Yellow Barn: Taking it to the Streets"

David Weinenger writes about Music Haul's "Music No Boundaries: NYC" tour for The Log Journal

"Now This is Barnstorming"

The New York Times features Yellow Barn Music Haul in a half-page spread

Concert of the Year

The Dallas Morning News reviews Yellow Barn's "Schulhoff, Reich, and Wagner" at the Nasher

The Music Hall Exits the Building

The Dallas Observer interviews Seth Knopp about Yellow Barn Music Haul

Making the Experimental Accessible

D Magazine writes about Yellow Barn Music Haul's trip to Dallas

Haunted by Shakespeare's witches?

The Boston Globe previews Yellow Barn's community concert

Improvisation for all

The Boston Globe writes about Travis Laplante's new work

From Vermont and Baltimore, to Dallas

Willard Spiegelman writes about Seth Knopp, YB, and the Nasher Sculpture Center for the Dallas Morning News

Yellow Barn wins Adventurous Programming Award

Chamber Music America and ASCAP recognize YB's creative approach to programming

Yellow Barn in the Washington Post

A work created at Yellow Barn continues its national journey

The Boston Globe on summers at Yellow Barn

"Concerts like those at Yellow Barn shouldn’t really exist. And yet they do."

PBS explores The Sarajevo Haggadah

Learn more and watch excerpts from the Boston performance

From one book, many stories

The Boston Globe profiles "The Sarajevo Haggadah: Music of the Book"

Soundings and silences: A JFK tribute in Dallas

Bachtrack reports on Yellow Barn's performance the day after the anniversary

To Make Every Summer a Great Adventure

The Brattleboro Reformer speaks to Yellow Barn's sense of adventure

The Reason for Cuatro Corridos

The Brattleboro Reformer interviews Susan Narucki about her Artist Residency

Bach abounds at Yellow Barn

The Boston Globe interviews Seth Knopp and Bonnie Hampton

The Boston Globe on Shostakovich's Romanzen-Suite

A song cycle with texts by Blok, Russia’s revered Symbolist poet, scheduled for July 7

Only under the auspices of Yellow Barn

A review of "Le Noir de l'Etoile" from the Berkshire Review

Yellow Barn's Big Bang

The Brattleboro Reformer previews Yellow Barn's Grisey residency

Music with pulsar obligato

Read more about Le Noir de l'Etoile and listen to the vela pulsar

In Vermont, open air drumming

The Boston Globe previews Yellow Barn's 2012 Grisey performance

WGBH features Yellow Barn

WGBH profiles Yellow Barn and interviews Artistic Director Seth Knopp

Press for Soundings and Yellow Barn

Art & Culture Magazine on the Nasher Sculpture Center and Yellow Barn