The Greenwood School

In 2008 Yellow Barn settled eight rehearsal and practice studios into the beautiful Greenwood School campus. These studios are the physical cornerstone of a relationship that was founded and is continually nurtured on a shared intimacy, aesthetic, and approach to learning.

The Greenwood School, formerly the site of the Experiment in International Living in Putney, Vermont, is a school for boys in grades 6 to 12 diagnosed with dyslexia and other learning differences. The profound commitment and creative approach to teaching at Greenwood transforms the lives of their students and honors the forward thinking that is a part of the history of this campus.

Our partnership adds significant dimension to both organizations, through our shared use of campus facilities, and through the curricular work that we explore with the school’s faculty and administration in preparation for Yellow Barn's Artist Residencies. Between September and May these week-long residencies attract artists pursuing a great variety of projects, bringing them into Greenwood School’s unique community to share meals with and lead workshops for students and faculty.
Working together to prepare Greenwood School students for the workshops that resident artists hold has deepened our connection with the school immeasurably. Educating and learning is at the heart of our relationship with The Greenwood School, and exploring its potential is proving to be limitless.