Major works in this program are Schulhoff’s Sextet, Steve Reich’s Different Trains, and Richard Wagner’s Wesendonck Lieder.

At the heart of this program is a work by Czech composer Erwin Schulhoff, a fully notated depiction of a woman’s sexual climax titled Sonata Erotica. Certainly not intended for the concert hall at the time of its composition in 1919 (Schulhoff writes, “For Men Only” on the title page), Sonata Erotica would have been a voyeuristic diversion in the nightclub or cabaret, and an example of the musical revolution of art “as the commonality of man” that the composer had embraced. 

Almost a century later, knowing what we do of Schulhoff’s death in a Nazi concentration camp, it is difficult to experience this work without feeling the magnitude of individual loss—millions upon millions of unrealized loves and intimacies that are our common, human birthright.


Sunday, May 28 | 7:00pm
$34 General Admission ($29 in advance)

Richard Wagner (1813-1883) “Im Treibhaus” from Wesendonck-Lieder, WWV.91 (1857-58)
Melanie Henley Heyn, soprano; Seth Knopp, piano

Erich Wolfgang Korngold (1897-1957) “Mädchen im Brautgemach (The maiden in the bridal chamber)” from Much Ado About Nothing, Op.11 (1918-19)
Daniel Chong, violin; Seth Knopp, piano

Erwin Schulhoff (1894-1942) Sonata Erotica for solo female voice (1919)
Tony Arnold, soprano

Steve Reich (b.1936) Different Trains for string quartet and tape (1988)
The Parker Quartet (Daniel Chong, Ying Xue, violins; Jessica Bodner, viola; Kee-Hyun Kim, cello)


Erwin Schulhoff (1894-1942) String Sextet (1920-24)
Daniel Chong, Ying Xue, violins; RJessica Bodner, Roger Tapping, violas; Kee-Hyun Kim, Natasha Brofsky, cellos

Richard Wagner (1813-1883) Wesendonck-Lieder, WWV.91 (1857-58)
Melanie Henley Heyn, soprano; Seth Knopp, piano