The Music Alliance Project

Artist Residency: February 16-21, 2020

Pianist Chase Morrin and vocalist Cordelia Tapping, a duo whose lives are both rooted in jazz-based improvisation, and also deeply tied to classical music communities, have established an ensemble of ever-shifting membership that crosses the perceived boundaries that often separate jazz and classical idioms.

Together with two Yellow Barn musicians, flutist Rosie Gallagher and cellist John Myerscough, this iteration of the Music Alliance Project will explore ways of embracing the commonalities between improvised, free-form music, and music that has been notated for performance. While from backgrounds that sometimes use fundamentally different musical processes, these four resident artists will compose together over the span of their time at Yellow Barn, presenting their collaborative work at its conclusion.

Residency Concert

Thursday, February 20 | 7:30pm

This Artist Residency will conclude with an informal public performance. The venue will be confirmed in September 2019.