2018-2019 Artist Residencies

In 2008, Yellow Barn instituted its Artist Residencies, the first retreat program in the United States created specifically for professional, performing musicians of any kind. The purpose of the Artist Residencies is to further the art of the performance of classical music by providing an environment conducive to undistracted study, an exchange of ideas and opportunities for performance. Their content is defined by artists’ proposals and Yellow Barn’s artistic vision, and musicians have come to Yellow Barn to create new repertoire, to prepare for major performances, to explore new interpretations of important works, and to stage theatrical events.

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Past event (2018)

Go Placidly With Haste

Last January, Jason Treuting and Beth Meyers began a project at Yellow Barn they now call "Go Placidly with Haste". This residency will expand on that work, both in scope and scale, bringing "Go Placidly with Haste" from conception to the stage in preparation for its New York City premiere.

Residency Concert

Thursday, December 20 | 7:30pm
Next Stage, Putney, VT

Refractions: Works for Violin and Piano

February 24-March 1, 2019
Works by J.S. Bach, Maurice Ravel, Tonia Ko, Eric Nathan, Sean Shepherd, Daniel Temkin

Past event (2019)

Songs of Earthly and Divine Inspiration

January 4-11, 2019
Olivier Messiaen: Chants de terre et de ciel
Oliver Knussen: Whitman Settings, Op.25

Kristina Bachrach, soprano
Daniel Anastasio, piano

Residency Concert

Friday, January 11 | 7:30pm
Next Stage, Putney, VT
Past event (2019)

Salon Séance

February 18-23, 2019
A semi-staged performance, with music by Benjamin Britten

Residency Concert

Saturday, February 23 | 7:30pm
Next Stage, Putney, VT
Past event (2019)

Meeting in the Middle: Collaborations on New Works

March 11-21, 2019
New works by Jesse Diener-Bennett, Emily Praetorius, Jack Sheen, and Adam Kennough