Looking back at the Young Artists Program

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I just wanted to thank you profusely for such an incredible few weeks at Yellow Barn’s Young Artists Program. I had one of the most enriching and life changing times over those 18 days. People often reflect on their lives and can pinpoint moments where real change occurred that propelled them to new heights or created epiphanies on how they saw themselves navigating the next stages of life with renewed energy, focus and direction. I drove away feeling so incredibly lucky to have had that time at Yellow Barn and can genuinely say that my time opened up a whole new dimension of musical understanding, where I now feel I can perceive music on a more visceral plane. All of us were so fortunate to have such a complete experience through all the special guests coming for coachings, master-classes, lectures and presentations and all of the amazing dedication every person on the faculty brings with such excitement and enthusiasm. Human beings learn best through inspiration brought through teaching that is filled with unbridled joy and enthusiasm where the goal is pure musical enrichment. I have not experienced anything like that at such a distilled level till I came to Yellow Barn.

There were so many things that I am so thankful to have been able to take in and to carry with me. The whole summer is summed up perfectly for me by something said by a faculty member that I think every musician could use as a model for how to be an artist in this world.

"A sound that is alive is always becoming"

—2013 Young Artists Program participant

The intensely focused atmosphere, and demanding schedule creates an environment where everyone wants to work hard to learn and explore the music together. It is an amazing opportunity to have daily coachings with such high level faculty from around the world. I was so excited to participate in two world premieres of pieces both written and rehearsed whilst at yap. It's a rare opportunity to be able to work with a composer on the piece you are learning. I feel I have developed my leadership skills, as well as my ability to translate rehearsal techniques into performances. The food is fabulous as always and the staff is great. YAP will always be one of the most treasured experiences and opportunities of my life!

—2014 Young Artists Program participant

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