Pedro Borges

Pedro Borges, piano (Gaia, Portugal), began his studies at Gaia’s Music Conservatory, where he finished his HS having studied with Rui Pintão and privately with Serghei Covalenco. During that time, he was given the opportunity to open the cycle of Beethoven’s Piano Concertos with Filarmonia de Gaia Orchestra. In the following years, he studied with Miguel Borges Coelho at ESMAE, Porto. Since 2016, Pedro has lived in Basel, Switzerland, studying piano with Claudio Martínez Mehner and chamber music with Anton Kernjak, at the Hochschule für Musik Basel. He is currently pursuing his Master of Music in Pedagogy. He has performed in masterclasses with Ferenc Rados, Rita Wagner, András Kemenes, Cibrán Sierra, Jesper Christensen, Aleksandar Madzar, Marta Zabaleta, and Pedro Burmester, among others. He works in a duo with cellist Irene Enzlin, performing concerts in Switzerland, Holland, and Portugal. Previous Yellow Barn musician (2018)